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WordPress SEO Strategies That Work

Ready to level up the marketing strategy of your WordPress site? SEO is a great first step. Businesses with a TechyPark plan already have a leg up in the technical SEO department, but did you know that our in-house website marketing experts offer WordPress SEO strategy services that go even deeper?

Our WordPress SEO Services

Here’s what customers can expect when partnering with us on developing their WordPress SEO strategy:

Free WordPress SEO audit

Interested in pairing your site support and maintenance plan with recurring WordPress SEO services? We offer a free SEO audit to all new website marketing customers.

Independent offsite backups

When it comes to WordPress plugins, we know our stuff. We make sure that all of our TechyPark customers have all the necessary SEO plugins to succeed in search engine rankings.

Boost site speed & performance

Site speed plays a role in search rankings. Our WordPress SEO pros help you make site speed improvements, such as optimizing images, setting up browser caching, enabling lazy loading images, CDN configuration, and more.

SEO title & meta descriptions

Adding SEO titles and meta descriptions to every page and post on your site can be tedious, but our WordPress SEO experts can help you streamline the process and flag any pages and posts that fall through the cracks.

WordPress categories & tags

Are you using WordPress categories and tags correctly? Establishing a logical taxonomy for your content is critical for SEO, but maintaining that taxonomy can sometimes go off the rails. We can help you audit and reorganize your categories and tags.

Mobile usability improvements

Search engines have no qualms about penalizing sites that aren’t optimized for mobile users. Thankfully, our WordPress SEO experts can help you remedy any mobile incompatibility issues on your site.

WordPress Accessibility

Search engines take web accessibility seriously, which is why you can be dinged in rankings if your WordPress site doesnt conform to basic web accessibility best practices. We can work with you toward improving the accessibility of your site.

SEO conversion tracking

Conversion tracking allows you to determine if your SEO efforts are paying off. Our WordPress pros and digital marketing experts can help you set up the technical side of conversion tracking.

XML sitemaps

An XML sitemap is a file that lists all of the URLs on your site. It makes it much easier for search engines to crawl and index your site. As WordPress SEO experts, we can make sure your XML sitemap is properly submitted to Google and other search engines.

Fix broken links

Broken links can impact user experience and do you no favors in search engine rankings. Our WordPress SEO team can easily flag, fix, or redirect broken links as they come up.

WordPress security & safety

Search engines have no interest in directing their users to unsafe sites. We know how to properly secure your WordPress site to ensure that Google isn’t penalizing you for not having basic security measures in place to protect your users.

Analytics & Tag Manager Setup

Google’s industry-standard analytical tools help you track your website marketing success, but you have to set them up first. Havent yet set up Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager yet? We can take care of everything for you.

Why You Need WordPress SEO Services

Many website owners often view SEO as simply a “nice to have but not critical” website marketing service, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

With the right WordPress SEO plugins and a team of knowledgeable SEO professionals to guide you, you can finally start ranking for your desired keywords and get the leads and sales that your business deserves.

Interested in learning more about our SEO services? fill out our contact form. Dont forget — our WordPress SEO services are the perfect complement to our WordPress support and maintenance plans.


Improve WordPress Performance & Speed

If your WordPress site is suffering from slow speed and poor performance, it may be time to bring in the professionals.

How We Speed Up Your WordPress Site

It’s time to say “goodbye” to glacial loading speeds and hello” to happy site visitors and glowing search engine rankings. Learn about TechyPark’s holistic approach to improving WordPress performance and site speed.

Site speed & performance analysis

Dealing with a site speed issue that you’re not sure how to fix on your own? From the moment you’re onboarded as a TechyPark customer, we dive in and get to the bottom of the issue with a comprehensive analysis of your WordPress site. Once we’ve identified what’s causing your site to lag, we provide concierge-style consultation and recommendations for addressing the issue.

Global Content Delivery Network

One of the best ways to boost your site speed is by setting up a global Content Delivery Network (CDN), which works by grabbing real-time copies of your site files and storing those copies in servers around the world. When people visit your site, your CDN is designed to load site files from the server that is geographically closest to your site visitors. Ultimately, CDNs make the internet a faster place for users across the world.

Speedy managed web hosting

Believe it or not, your web hosting provider plays a huge role in the performance and speed of your website. After years of working with countless web hosting companies on behalf of our customers, we know this all too well. That’s why our managed WordPress hosting service is specially designed with speed and reliability in mind.

Fix plugin bloat

There are so many cool plugins out there, but it’s important to be choosy or else you might find yourself dealing with a bad case of plugin bloat. Our WordPress experts can assess your WordPress plugin collection and provide recommendations for updating, replacing, or removing the ones that are dragging down the speed of your site.

Hourly & real-time backups available

Lazy loading is crucial for speeding up websites that have lots of pages filled with imagery, videos, and content. When lazy loading is enabled, elements on a web page are loaded only as they’re needed, as opposed to all at once. Not only does this speed up your site for users, but it also lowers the amount of bandwidth used because not every single user will scroll the entire length of your page.

Browser caching

Browser caching speeds up your website by storing images, HTML, CSS, and Javascript files on the hard drives of your site visitors. The next time a visitor returns to your site, those cached files automatically load from the visitor’s hard drive instead of your servers. Caching not only speeds up the user’s browsing experience — it also reduces your server bandwidth use. Win/win!

Display ad optimization

Display ads are an integral source of revenue for many websites, but if they aren’t properly optimized, they can drag your site down to a snail’s pace and frustrate your users. We can work with you on auditing and optimizing your display ads to keep your site speedy, your site visitors happy, and the ad revenue flowing.

Mobile optimization

Is your site optimized for mobile users? We hope so. Neglecting mobile optimization not only frustrates site visitors using mobile devices — it can also impact your search engine rankings. Our team of WordPress experts can help make your website mobile-friendly by enabling Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), ensuring you have a responsive WordPress theme, improving page loading speed, and so much more.

Image file compression

We love big, gorgeous visuals on a website as much as the next person, but unfortunately, these elements can adversely impact page load speed if they aren’t properly optimized for the web. To ensure your WordPress site speed isn’t held back by massive image and video files, we can make technical improvements to your website and install automated image compression tools so that you never need to resize images manually.

Speed up your site with a WordPress support plan.

When it comes to WordPress performance, there’s always room for improvement. After all, the internet keeps getting faster and you need to make sure your business is keeping up.

At TechyPark, we go beyond managing your site updates and safeguarding your site against pesky hackers. When you partner with our expert team of WordPress pros, you receive concierge-style guidance for taking your site to the next level — including strategic recommendations for improving the performance and speed of your WordPress website.

Ultimately, our WordPress support services are designed to move businesses forward and empower our customers to focus on what they do best.

Ready to get started? Sign up for a WordPress support plan today.


WordPress Security You Can Count On

Our WordPress security experts protect your website from malicious attacks around the clock.

Our WordPress Security Services

Worried about WordPress hacks and malware? Learn how we prevent WordPress security issues from threatening your site.

24/7 WordPress security monitoring

We partner with Sucuri to scan and monitor your WordPress site around-the-clock for speedy malware detection. This constant surveillance allows us to catch and resolve security issues long before they become problems.

Managed WordPress updates

Outdated WordPress plugins, themes, and core software are often the root of many security threats, which is why we make sure your site is always running the latest, most secure versions of software.

Malware removal & hack cleanups

The cost of one-off WordPress hack remediation can be pretty steep, but we offer malware removal services to our clients at a reasonable charge.

Daily cloud backups

When things go wrong, you can rely on our daily cloud backups, which are stored in encrypted, iron-clad servers. Need to restore a hacked WordPress site? We make the process quick and hassle-free.

Real-time activity tracking

With real-time activity tracking, we can see exactly what’s happening on your website in — you guessed it — real-time. This allows our WordPress security experts to troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve security issues quickly.

Firewall protection

Prevent hackers and malicious scripts from infiltrating your WordPress website with a CloudProxy Firewall — included with every TechyPark Pro plan.

Anti-spam protection

Spam isn’t just annoying — it can damage your site’s credibility and put site visitors at risk for phishing, scams, and malware. We help prevent malicious spam attacks against your WordPress site.

SSL certificates & forcing HTTPS

These days, a secure site connection is non-negotiable. An SSL certificate and forcing HTTPS prevents phishing, encrypts personal data, and ensures safe transactions. We can take care of the entire process for you.

Brute-force protection

We prevent brute-force login attempts by blocking automated hacker bots, limiting login attempts, implementing two-factor authentication, auditing user accounts with admin access, and whitelisting logins for selected IP addresses.

Secure passwords

The security of your WordPress site is only as strong as your weakest user password. We make sure your site is enforcing strong password hygiene for all site users, and also enable two-factor authentication for additional security.

DDoS attack protection

Denial of Service attacks are a site owner’s worst nightmare — they cause lengthy downtime resulting in revenue loss and major headaches. Our firewall can block layer 3, 4, and 7 DDoS attacks.

WordPress Security Threats

As a website owner, WordPress security should be at the top of your mind. While the core WordPress software is incredibly secure and well-maintained, the widespread popularity and open-source nature of WordPress makes plugins, themes, and scripts a major target for hackers. Here are the most common WordPress security threats to watch out for:

1. Brute-force login attempts

Brute-force login attempts are designed to gain access to your site by guessing user passwords. One common brute-force tactic is a dictionary attack, which is an automated script that makes thousands or even millions of login attempts using username and password combinations generated from predefined patterns (for example: unicorn1, unicorn2019, unicorn42, etc). While strong password hygiene provides a fantastic first line of defense against these attacks, the truth is that even complex passwords can eventually be guessed through a persistent dictionary attack. That’s why it’s important for WordPress site owners to limit login attempts, implement two-factor authentication, and use a firewall with built-in brute force prevention.

3. Restore a compromised or hacked WordPress site

Backdoors are any type of code that allows hackers to bypass security encryption and gain access to your WordPress site. Backdoors are typically caused by vulnerabilities in software and scripts that are outdated or buggy. They are usually disguised as seemingly legitimate files or innocent bits of code, which allows them to fly under the radar and provide an entryway into a site for other malware attacks. The best way to detect and prevent backdoor attacks is by installing a firewall, setting up malware monitoring, keeping up with regular site software updates, enabling two-factor authentication, and restricting administrative access.

5. SQL injections

SQL injections are a cyber attack in which hackers insert malicious code into a WordPress SQL database through a website’s forms (i.e. contact forms, newsletter sign-up form, site search bars, etc). There are two types of SQL injections. A classic SQL injection can result in the return of sensitive information from inside of the database, while a blind SQL injection can be used to run code within the database and wreak havoc from the inside. The best way to prevent SQL injections is to install a firewall, make sure you update your site software regularly, and only choose plugins and themes from trusted, reliable sources.

2. DDoS attacks

distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack is a coordinated effort to bring a site down by overwhelming the server with more traffic than it can handle. The debilitating amount of traffic is generated by a network of IP addresses from computers across the globe that hackers have gained access to without the knowledge of the machine owners. DDoS attacks are one of the hardest cyber attacks to prevent and track, but their impact can be mitigated through the use of a firewall.

4. Pharma hacks

Pharma hacks are an SEO spam scheme in which vulnerabilities in outdated WordPress software are exploited and injected with coding that causes sketchy pharmaceutical ads to appear whenever the compromised site appears in search engine results. It’s not uncommon for search engines to block sites that are unknowingly distributing pharma hack spam. The simplest way to prevent pharma hacks is to keep your WordPress core, theme, and plugin software up to date.

6. Malicious redirects

Malicious redirects use backdoors in vulnerable WordPress sites to redirect traffic to a nefarious website with the intention of garnering ad impressions or, in more extreme cases, exploiting site visitors and installing malware on unprotected devices. A firewall and 24/7 malware monitoring will help you secure your WordPress site and protect your site visitors.

7. Cross-site scripting attacks

Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks are caused by security vulnerabilities that allow malicious code to be injected into otherwise trusted WordPress websites and plugins. This malicious code, typically manifesting as a browser side script, allows attackers to extract cookie and session data from other site visitors without them realizing it. An XSS vulnerability is the most common type of vulnerability found in WordPress plugins, which is why it’s so important to choose trusted, reputable plugins.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Our world-class managed WordPress hosting service is built with speed and reliability in mind, and our stellar customer support is an added bonus.

Speedy & Reliable Managed WordPress Hosting

Looking for managed hosting that ticks all your technical requirement boxes while also offering top-notch customer support? Our managed WordPress hosting plan is specially curated to include everything you need from a technical standpoint, along with everything you’ve grown to love from our industry-leading customer support. Here’s what’s included:

Cloudflare Protection

Cloudflare is the industry leader in performance, reliability, and security, and all of our hosting clients receive the Cloudflare DNS and firewall service as part of our managed WordPress hosting. Filter out malicious traffic and improve performance for your global audience at no additional charge.

Independent offsite backups

Need to boost your site speed? We include setup for a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) as part of our managed WordPress hosting service. CDNs make the internet a faster place by grabbing real-time copies of your site files from your origin server and storing those copies in servers around the world. When someone visits your site, the CDN loads site files from whichever server is geographically closest to the site visitor.

Powered by Google Cloud

We know that uptime and performance are essential, which is why we use Amazon Web Services — the most reliable and trusted data storage platform in the world. We use the same platform for our daily cloud backups, which we offer as part of our WordPress support plan.

Tons of storage

We offer a generous 10GB of disk storage to accommodate all of your images, pdfs, video, and any other media from your WordPress website. We can also accommodate larger media libraries and can assist with offloading media to other storage solutions if you have special storage needs.

Loads of bandwidth

Every Managed Hosting plan includes 50GB of bandwidth to serve your media across the globe. We use an industry-best content delivery network to ensure your media is delivery quickly and efficiently no matter where your website visitors reside.

Easy migrations to our platform

Our team has thousands of WordPress migrations under our belt, and we’re proud to offer true “white glove” service with zero downtime. Many hosts offer free migrations as a “self-guided experience, but our team of WordPress experts does all the heavy lifting. We request access to your domain registrar and current web host, and we take care of everything else.

SSL certificate with domain validation

We provide a free SSL certificate through LetsEncrypt™ and make sure it’s properly validated and up to date. SSL connections create a secure, encrypted connection between your web server and your site visitors. We strongly recommend that every website have an SSL certificate — not only for security but also for the credibility of your brand.

Domain renewals included

Are you tired of paying your domain registrar a separate fee to keep your address on the internet? Our managed WordPress hosting includes registration for three domains, and we handle the transfer process for you too.

Spam comment filtering

Spam comments can damage your website’s credibility and put site visitors at risk for phishing, scams, and malware. Our managed hosting service includes enterprise-level Akismet spam comment filtering, which prevents malicious comment spam from infiltrating and wreaking havoc on your WordPress website.

Why Choose TechyPark?

We’ve worked with hosting providers all across the globe, and we can say with confidence that not all managed hosting providers are created equal. You deserve the best in reliability, uptime, and quick and easy communication. Our experience combined with what we’ve learned from our clients over the years has helped us understand what people and businesses expect from a managed WordPress hosting provider.

If you’re interested in learning more about our managed WordPress hosting service, give us a call at or fill out our contact form. And don’t forget — our managed WordPress hosting service is the perfect complement to one of our WordPress support plans.

Get 30 days of support with zero risk

Take any of our support plans on a 30 day test-drive. If we don’t knock your socks off with our professional care and attention to detail, we’ll give you your money back. Simple as that!

Managed WordPress Hosting

We not only can manage your WordPress website — we can host it too! Our managed WordPress hosting service is built with speed and reliability in mind, and our stellar customer support is an added bonus.


WordPress Development Services

If you need additional WordPress development services beyond what’s included in our TechyPark packages, our development services may be the perfect solution. Get priority, save money, and always have our team on call!


Our WordPress Support & Maintenance Services

Learn more about the services included in our WordPress support plans:

WordPress Security

Our TechyPark plans include 24/7 malware scans, brute force attack protection, anti-spam protection, and speedy WordPress hack and malware cleanups. Need more protection? With our Pro Plan, you also get the added protection of our ironclad CloudProxy Firewall.

Speed & Performance

Say goodbye to glacial site speed and hello to unparalleled performance. TechyPark’s approach to improving WordPress speed and performance will have your site running like a well-oiled machine.

WordPress SEO

Our WordPress support team has your back in the event of a WordPress emergency — from site hacks to fatal errors. We can typically identify and resolve most emergency WordPress issues in an hour or less.

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