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Unlimited sites

$ 447 /yr
< $0.57 /site/m
  • All Premium Features
  • Priority email support


50 sites

$ 347 /yr
< $0.57 /site/m
  • All Premium Features
  • 1 day email support



20 sites

$ 247 /yr
< $1.02 /site/m
  • All Premium Features
  • 1-3 days email support


10 sites

$ 147 /yr
< $1.2 /site/m
  • All Premium Features
  • 1-3 days email support

All licenses are auto-renewed after one year for continued software updates and support access. 100% refunds are granted within 14-days of purchase.

Free for unlimited sites

  • 1-click admin access
  • 1-Click Updates
  • Backup & Restore
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Enterprise Solution

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Start working with TechyPark that can provide everything you need to generate website, business traffic, content & security.

1-Click Admin Access FREE

Login to your dashboards with a single click.

1-Click Updates FREE

Update all your WordPress sites, plugin and themes in a single-click.

Backup & Restore FREE

Backup all your WordPress sites in a single-click.

Install, Migrate & Stage

Your all-in-one WordPress deployment package.

Scan for Malware

Safe-guard your websites from hackers and malware.

Uptime Monitor

Sleep peacefully knowing your site will never sleep.

Client Reporting

You care about your clients’ website & business. Let them know.

Google Analytics

View analytics for multiple WordPress sites

Manage Users

Create or manage existing users across multiple WordPress sites

WP Maintenance

Perform WP maintenance across multiple sites

WordFence Security

View all vulnerabilities across multiple WordPress sites

Client Plugin Branding

Brand the client plugin with your agency’s branding

Publish posts, pages & links

Manage/edit pages and post to selective sites or all sites in a few clicks

Manage Comments

Review comments across your sites and reply to them right from the admin panel

Code Snippets

Run scripts simultaneously across multiple sites

Broken Link Checker

View and Fix broken links across multiple WordPress sites

Google Pagespeed

View PageSpeed scores and recommendations for all your sites

File Uploader

Upload an image, html or any kind of file to multiple WordPress sites at once

iThemes Security

View vulnerabilities across multiple WordPress sites

Google Webmaster

View Google Webmaster crawl reports for multiple sites

Duo Security - 2 Factor Auth

Authenticate login requests with the Duo Security mobile app

Google Safe Browsing

Scan all your sites at once and view infected sites in a single view

WP Time Capsule

Manage WPTC backups centrally

Client's Feedback

Start working with TechyPark that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect.

How do I submit a request a job to be done?

Send an email to our Helpdesk at [email protected]

For those with assigned Account Managers, you can reach out to the Account Manager directly. Otherwise, you can also utilize our Helpdesk team.

Yes. If you need development work or have a problem that requires more attention than what is covered under our support plans, we can work on a project basis. Contact us for more information.

We can do any basic, 30-minute WordPress task. Here are some examples of jobs that we commonly do. If you require more advanced support with your website, or have a more complex issue, we can help on a project basis, which will be billed separately on top of your monthly subscription.

Yes! Whenever you’re having WordPress website problems, you can always reach out to our support team without any limit to the amount of help you can request.

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There are so many great nonprofits working hard to make the world a better place. We want to contribute to your website management efforts.

To get a nonprofit discount for your organisation, please send over your 501c3 or the country equivalent to receive a personalised coupon code with a 50% discount

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